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July 2014

Dear Readers,

Those looking to boost the impact of the presentations they give every day in the workplace should mark their calendars for Tuesday July 29, when presentation expert Simon Morton delivers a free webinar sponsored by Brainshark.

Morton believes the presentations most critical to the success of organizations today aren't the ones you deliver on stage in front of hundreds of listeners. They are the ones you deliver every day on a smaller scale, be they training sessions, project updates, sales pitches or financial reports, seeking to connect with audiences and drive action.

The webinar, hosted by our sister newsletter PresentationXpert, will be based on Morton’s critically-acclaimed book,The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations, and is designed for the everyday presenter seeking practical tips to drive results. For more information or to register for the July 29 webinar, click here.

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

AllState is in Gamification's Hands

By Kate Everson

Last fall, Allstate Insurance Co. employees were invited to try a new learning supplement offered by the ethics department. Instead of the usual video interlaced with quiz questions, they were asked to pick which superhero identity they would like to assume while fighting the "Data Gator."
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3 Ways to Help Employees Cure 'Employee Benefits Amnesia'

By Justyn Harkin

Some things tend to stick in the mind. Like the lyrics to the song you played on repeat the first summer you were in love. However, for better or worse, most of us forget far more than we remember. Things like Internet passwords, basic recipes and employee benefits information.
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Expanded Roles Prompt New Urgency for Admin Training

By Judy Geller

When organizations trim their ranks of middle managers, who takes up the slack? In many cases, it’s administrative professionals. A report just released by the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) cites research showing that today’s administrative professionals (admins) handle work previously performed by middle managers.
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'Big Picture Conversation' Training at First Horizon

By Lori Freifeld

In late 2010, financial services provider First Horizon National Corporation partnered with Clarity Advantage to produce a customized workshop that taught its business bankers how to conduct a “Big Picture Conversation” from the owners’ perspective.
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What Predictive Talent Analytics Can Do for You Today

By Stephanie Castellano

You may not keep up with trade publications as often as you should, but if you caught the film Moneyball in 2011, you learned all about predictive talent analytics, the latest hot topic in the human capital industry.
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