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August 2014

Dear Readers,

As the world continues to go mobile, more training organizations are finding a "match made in heaven," as one of this month's articles suggests, by coupling performance support tools with mobile devices.

With so many employees toting smart phones and tablets in the field, instructional designers find supplying them with short videos, tips and trouble-shooting guides "at the time of need" can be a powerful performance booster. Consider the salesperson readying for an appointment who needs to recall a key part of a sales process, or the cable technician needing a quick refresher of a tricky repair procedure.

While there remains a place for structured learning delivered via mobile devices, it seems the real bang for the buck is coming in making knowledge available just as it's needed, on devices that serve as de facto appendages for today's workers.

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

'Quick Learning Modules' Train as Fast as Technology Changes

By Evan Stuckless and Evelyn Toro

As technology advances, the world becomes more globalized and attention spans shrink. Learning and development leaders have to find new ways to keep up. One of the more effective methods on the market today is quick learning modules (QLMs).
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A Match Made in Heaven: Performance Support and Mobile

By James Rasmussen

Implementing training that actually drives skill and performance gains is a daunting challenge for any manager. Yet even if you do that initial dose of training well, it is the period after the training when employees are most in need of support. This is borne out by myriad research studies.
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Do the Math: The ACA Means Correct Counting

By Sarah Sipek

Itís eight months into 2014. Do you know how many employees you have? If you donít, it could soon cost you. Employers who have not accurately counted the number and type of employees within their organization by Jan. 1, 2015,
could end up with unnecessary expenditures owing to the Affordable Care Actís employer mandate.
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Taking the Sting Out of Performance Feedback

By Kenneth Nowack

We all can recall a time that a partner, family member, friend, or colleague gave us some well-intended feedback that seemed to really hurt. Most of the time, the intention of feedback is to convey a perception others have of us.
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Once Upon a Time in Training: Stories Bring Lessons to Life

By Margery Weinstein

Understanding principles in an employee handbook or an e-learning program can be difficult, but not because the content is hard. Itís difficult because itís often boring and detached from employeesí day-to-day lives. Some companies are finding storytelling can bring to life learning content that now exists only on the page or screen.
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