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October 2014

Dear Readers,

Those who design training courses for a living understand that the "designing" part of the equation often rates as its easiest. What is more challenging are the negotiation demands of instructional design, where designers have to get buy-in from subject matter experts on content, navigate tricky political waters or have the courage to discuss whether the performance gap at hand really requires a training solution.

In her compelling article this month, Instructional Design for the Real World, Jane Bozarth offers tips for creating effective design amid real-world constraints. Her bottom line: Beware of steps that seem too convenient and advice that's too good to be true.

P.S. Those looking for ideas on how to display data more effectively in training courses may want to attend out next free webinar on Wednesday Nov 12. The webinar, Presenting the Story of Your Data, will feature PowerPoint design expert Nolan Haims delivering tips on charting pitfalls to avoid, how to make the complex simple, using color more effectively and much more. For more information or to register, click here.

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

Instructional Design for the Real World

By Jane Bozarth

For several years now I’ve offered a class called Instructional Design for the Real World. It grew out of my experience in grad school, shortly after I’d taken a promotion to head up a government agency training department.
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Happy People and Bottom-Line Results: 'Bankable' Leaders Deliver Both

By Tasha Eurich

Why won’t my employees just do what I tell them? Why am I struggling to motivate my team? Why aren’t they giving me the performance I need? If any of these questions sound familiar to you, you’re not alone.
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Teaching Collaboration at MasterCard

By Katie Kuehner-Hebert

MasterCard is transforming itself from a credit card company to a broader technology enterprise to keep up with fast-paced changes within the payments industry. A desire to have a more entrepreneurial culture also requires a change in the company’s approach to learning.
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QA Test Strategies for Mobile Learning

By Mark Simon

Pity today’s mobile learning developers. They already wear numerous hats just to do the essentials of their job. More hats than Don Draper. More hats than Pharrell Williams. Now they must wear a new hat, a QA engineer hat.
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A Health Care Benefits Evolution

By Rita Pyrillis

Health care remains employees’ most valued benefit, but few give their health plans much thought except when they’re choosing one during annual enrollment. However, that is changing as employers make significant changes to their plans and employees dig deeper into their pockets to pay for them.
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