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November 2014

Dear Readers,

As more Millennials prepare to move into management roles, studies find that they're not always receiving the type of leadership training or developmental experiences required to turn them into effective leaders.

Research detailed in this month's story, The Accelerated Millennial Manager, finds millennials are often missing key training steps by taking a fast-track to leadership.
What's needed to improve their leadership readiness? One factor is more involved mentors and managers.

Millennials tend to seek and appreciate directed coaching versus self-discovery, and experts say their current bosses should be very practical with “do this, not that and here’s why” style of advice in preparing them to lead. They also should find action-packed, on-the-job practice opportunities so Millennials get a clear view of what managers really do.

The bottom line: leadership development isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. It  requires tailoring to get the most from the generation now streaming into the management ranks.

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

6 Instructional Design Tips for Learner Engagement

By Jacqueline Bessette

The shift to blended and online training has become a fixture in most organizations and the next generation of Death by PowerPoint has emerged: “death by voiceover PowerPoint.” This type of training is often seen in the form of animated PowerPoint slides with limited opportunities for interaction.
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Redeveloping the Individual Development Plan

By Julie Giulioni and Beverly Kaye

Individual development plans, or IDPs, have become a staple for managers and human resources professionals alike. But the development activity is often steeped in a systematic approach — forms, deadlines, sign-offs and processes — that ultimately dilutes the value it brings to the individual employee.
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HR Executives Tie Higher Health, Labor Costs to ACA

By Bruce Shutan

The HIX marketplace may offer Americans more choice when it comes to health insurance, but it continues to complicate life for HR professionals. A recent survey of chief human resource officers casts the Affordable Care Act as a whipping post for anything from higher employee health care and labor costs to a number of related problems.
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Going Up: 2014 Training Salary Survey Results

From Training Magazine

Continuing last year’s resurgence, average training salaries rose 3.4 percent to $81,334 in 2013-2014, according to Training magazine’s Annual Salary Survey of nearly 1,100 readers. The average increase in salary in the last 12 months increased slightly from 2.74 percent in 2012-2013 to 2.86 percent in 2013-2014.
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The Accelerated Millennial Manager

By Ladan Nikravan

Today’s fast-paced world means you have to embrace speed, or you’re at the risk of falling behind. In some ways this is good — we’re constantly innovating, collaborating, taking the next step — but in other ways, we’re missing out.
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