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February 2015

Dear Readers,

E-learning designers call it the 100 Course Rut. It comes when they've created so many courses that they all start to look and function the same, which isn't good for designers or learners. An infusion of creative ideas is needed, and that's what e-learning guru Tom Kuhlmann explores in his article this month.

When creativity lags, Kuhlmann says there's value in posing challenges like this: what if the only way for learners to navigate a course was to drag and drop objects, and they couldn’t click anywhere on the screen? The idea is to think about things in novel ways and prototype new ideas. 

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     Dave Zielinski, Editor

How to Beat Creative Fatigue in E-Learning Design

By Tom Kuhlmann 

Are you tired of building the same courses over and over again? Sure you may get to build a hundred courses, but they’re essentially the same course built a hundred times. The result is that many of the courses look the same and don’t provide the opportunity to expand your course design skills. 
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The Best Talent Strategies are Marketing Strategies

By Jason Averbook

I have been discussing the converging roles of marketing and HR of late. I believe that organizations will eventually find themselves with a critical role that is a hybrid of the CMO and CHRO. But for now, I want to take a deeper look at why HR should continue to take strong cues from marketing.
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Why Predictive is Not the Nirvana of HR Analytics

By Cliff Stevenson

Predictive analytics has long been considered the apex of HR analytics. Although speculating about the future is never a bad thing (it is, in a manner of speaking, my line of work), viewing predictive analytics as the end goal may be looking at things the wrong way.
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Are You Creating the Right Mix of Theory and Action in Training?

By Roger Courville

A colleague asked me recently, “What I do requires people to make a shift in their thinking. How much time should I spend explaining the ideas behind why the change needs to occur?” Here’s an old bit of wisdom that I try to follow: Start as High as You Need To, But Take Them as Low as You Can.
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7 Essentials for Leaders to Build Trust

By Harvey Deutschendorf

There is, perhaps, nothing that harms an organization more than a lack of trust in those leading it. Yet trust seems to be a very fickle idea, very challenging to develop and maintain, yet so easy to destroy.
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