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January 2015

Dear Readers,

Gamification isn't a new concept in the world of training, but designing learning games in a way that helps learners engage and interact as a means of retaining knowledge remains a challenge for e-learning designers.

One game that was able to tap into people's social need to share and compete is Zynga's FarmVille. This month one of our featured articles illustrates how lessons from that game can be applied to help crowdsource and improve game play in  e-learning courses. 

The problem with gamification is that many learning games still remain isolating for learners, and it can be difficult to track results in games. The article shows how FarmVille was able to effectively tap into social needs of learners and thus take gamification to another level, demonstrating what's possible in the corporate world.

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

What FarmVille Can Teach E-Learning Designers About Social Gaming

By Tobes Kelly

The rise of social gaming giant Zynga is something startup dreams are made of: Going from a small, 27-person company bringing in a respectable $5 million, Zynga skyrocketed in 2009, raking in $209 million in revenue in just one year. And the game most responsible for the overnight success? FarmVille. 
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An Examination of Certification in the HR Field

By Garry Kranz

Many in the human resources community were caught off-guard last summer by the Society for Human Resource Managementís surprise announcement to offer its own certification program. The public rift that followed with the HR Certification Institute has also reignited discussion over the quantifiable business value of certification programs.
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4 Ways to Maximize Online Recruiting

By Sarah Sipek

In 2010, Maersk Drilling, a rig operator based in Denmark, set a lofty recruitment goal: Double the company size by 2018. This meant hiring 3,000 new employees in a small and highly selective industry. Offshore drillers begin their careers with apprenticeships, using the experience to develop technical skills as they progress through the industry.
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Establish Good Learning and Development Goals Up Front

By David Vance

January is the start of a new fiscal year for many organizations. This makes it a great time to reflect on the importance of setting good goals for your outcome, effectiveness, and efficiency measures. But too many L&D practitioners still focus primarily on trying to demonstrate the value of their training initiative after it is completed.
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A Checklist of 2015 Benefit Contribution Limits

By Keith R. McMurdy

At the beginning of each year, there are certain contribution limits for retirement plans and welfare plans that I check on just to make sure I am current on my numbers. While the list is not exhaustive, some seem to jump out more often than others and I've compiled a list of those I commonly refer to.
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