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March 2015

Dear Readers,

There's a saying that nobody likes a squeaky training organization, and this month noted training expert Allison Rossett makes a compelling case that efforts to seek visibility or recognition for workplace learning might be misplaced.

If training truly is to be valued, she argues, better that its overarching goal be more integration into the line or a more seamless partnership with the other business functions. What senior leaders want is a purposeful and unobtrusive system, one that creates smarter and more productive employees...not one that clamors for validation.

Learning organizations usuallly win, Rossett says, when they make it less about themselves and more about company performance as a whole.

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

Is Visibility the Wrong Goal for Workplace Learning?

By Allison Rossett

Many learning executives are concerned about visibility. They lament that they are not included early and sufficiently in the strategic work of the organization. Many seek appreciation and recognition for the learning enterprise. But why don't we think about it differently?
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Blended Learning Research Says We're Not There Yet

By David Wentworth

You're doing it wrong. Okay, not all of you, but about 40 percent of you. Whatever you think blended learning means, it's very likely your company is doing it wrong, at least according to the Brandon Hall Group's recent research.
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Sears Employees Find Value in Private Health Exchange

By Bruce Shutan

Thousands of Sears employees are finding it easier to shop for health care, are savvier about their coverage choices and finally understand the meaning of value since the retailer switched to a private health insurance exchange three years ago.
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Lessons Learned in Social Media Recruiting

By Ladan Nikravan

For many business leaders, the nadir of a recession is hardly time for creative experimentation. But as the economy sputtered, James Molloy, a recruitment manager at software firm VMware Inc., decided to take a chance.
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How Much Does it Cost to Produce E-Learning Video?

By Stephen Haskin

Video. Do you love it? Do you hate it? It doesn't matter. As developers or designers of eLearning, video is an increasing part of the work we create. Usually you get a budget, one that you know is too small to work with.
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