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May 2015

Dear Readers,

Attracting top talent to your company from the Millennial generation requires more than offering top pay or benefits, it also means providing the kind of work-life balance cherished by these employees. One innovative way to convince candidates that will happen is by dangling a new breed of virtual personal assistants as a perk.

As our lead article explores this month, cloud-based tools like MyAssist can help employees with more than financial concerns or personal issues, they also provide concierge-like services and a bevy of other benefits. And unlike Apple's Siri, these new assistants connect users to live agents for more high-touch help.

If winning the heated battle for Millennial talent is your goal, even seemingly small perks like this can set you apart.

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

At-Your-Service Perks a Big Lure for Top Talent

By Amy Whyte

Given the choice between a high-paying, prestigious job and work-life balance, many Millennials would choose the latter. MyAssist is one of the new cloud-based virtual personal assistant services that can be instrumental in helping to maintain this balance.

The 4 Competencies of Tomorrow's Best Leaders

By Laci Loew

Whenever I write about competencies, I always do so with a bit of hesitation. The talent leader or leadership development VP will get it, since competencies have been our currency in HR forever. The business leader will get it too, they just typically aren't as invested.
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Gamification: Sway the Morally Gray Employee

By Carol Leaman

Picture a moral scale. At one end are those who will never cross the ethical line no matter what. At the other end, there will be those who look for every opportunity to do wrong. Most people fall somewhere in the middle.
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Testing, Testing: The Whys and Whens of Assessment

By Art Kohn

If we want to improve our training, we need to constantly assess our programs in order to determine what is working and what isn't. And so I was a bit distressed when, during my session at a recent conference, several audience members said they were too busy training and didn't have time to do research.
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Cracking the Compensation Code

By Sarah Fister Gale

Doug David had a first day as director of sales for global education technology company Rosetta Stone Inc. that was a messy one. In particular, when David first dug into compensation data at the company, what greeted him was a pile of knotty spreadsheets. The trove was comprehensible only to the predecessor who created it.
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