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June 2015

Dear Readers,

It's never easy to eliminate a longtime, beloved training program, but when it's clear the program is underperforming tough decisions need to be made. Yet careful analysis can reveal viable options beyond simply slashing the program. Interviews with learners and managers can offer insight into what goals aren't being met, for example, and adjustments to weak areas of content can be made. For more ideas on how to handle such situations, don't miss our lead article this month. 

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     Dave Zielinski, Editor

Use Metrics to Cut 'Sacred' Learning Programs

By Kate Everson

Saying goodbye to a beloved but outdated learning program can be as heart wrenching as losing a beloved family pet. No one wants to see it happen, but it is going to happen eventually.

ACA Clarifies Reporting Requirements for Large Companies

By Melissa Winn

Affordable Care Act reporting requirements for applicable large employers begin in 2016, but many employers and their benefit advisers remain confused about requirements for certain employers with special circumstances. 
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5 Key Considerations When Using Video in Training

By John O'Brien

One of the increasingly ubiquitous elements of blending learning is video for corporate training. It comes with a caveat, however, as the way in which video is produced and digested is changing.
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Make Your HR Metrics Matter

By Andy Rice

I worked with a client that hired a new VP of HR (we will call her Jane to protect the innocent), who immediately told her team  she needed a dashboard of 20 metrics each month from each business partner in order to run the business. 
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Wellness Programs: Get Results or Go Away

By Ben Eubanks

If you have not been keeping tabs over the last few months, there has been some increasing friction between the EEOC and the corporate world over a seemingly harmless set of programs focusing on employee wellness. 
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