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July 2015

Dear Readers,

The price that companies pay for cumbersome hiring practices has always been high, but it's more punitive than ever in today's seller's market. Top talent on the hunt for work is available for only a few days at most, and some recruiting experts estimate that the odds of hiring elite candidates go down by 50 percent each week a resume sits on file.

That's a problem for companies with drawn-out hiring processes that put candidates through myriad interviews and screens. For evidence of the problem, see this report from The Wall Street Journal. In addition, data from career-research firm Glassdoor found the average interview process in the U.S. took 22.9 days in 2014, up from just 12.6 days in 2010.

The research is in and the conclusion clear: if you want the best candidates, you need to make your hiring processes as streamlined and candidate friendly as possible.

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

The Allure and Danger of Compliance Training

By Marc Rosenberg

Compliance training, as popular and attractive as it is, can be dangerous, for the enterprise and for L&D. In many organizations, compliance training abounds. Programs on diversity, sexual harassment, insider trading, ethics, and similar topics are often required for all.

Learning Group Undergoes Extreme Makeover

By Marina Theodotou

In A Midsummer Nights Dream, William Shakespeare wrote, Though she be but little, she is fierce. The same could go for any learning department, as long as it secures its role in the business.

Hiring Goes from Stat to Analyzing Stats

By Amy Whyte

Employers have more tools to assess potential hires than ever before, but they are taking their own sweet time making their hiring decisions. New software tools can mine data from job applications and personality tests to find the candidates who best match open positions.
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Technology's Growing Role in Onboarding

By Raj Seth

Developing an effective onboarding process is tricky. It is a delicate balance of company culture and adequate training, with the goal being not only to engage new hires but also increase the likelihood of knowledge retention.
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Is Your Training on Sales Coaching Only One-Fourth Right?

By Michelle Vazzana

Companies expend a tremendous amount of energy training sales managers to coach, but much of that energy is invested in a single aspect of sales coaching...observing sales calls and providing feedback to sellers. But is that all there is to sales coaching? 
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