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October 2015

Dear Readers,

HR leaders looking to improve their onboarding processes would be wise to take note of recent developments at Google, where the company was able to boost its key onboarding results by 25 percent. How did they do it? By applying data in a typically under-measured arena to identify best tactics and by working more closely with line managers using a "checklist alert" technique, highlighted in the link below.

Because of a lack of metrics, most organizations can only make educated guesses about the success of their onboarding efforts. But the analytics team at Google identified factors that have the strongest positive impact on getting new hires up to base productivity levels faster.
For more detail on Google's unique onboarding approach, click here

     Dave Zielinski, Editor

The Trends (and Anti-Trends) at the HR Tech Conference

By David Wentworth

It has been a busy few days at the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, and everybody is placing their bets on analytics. It has been talked about plenty before, but both solution providers and companies finally appear ready to start putting it into practice.

The Dangers of Perfectionism

By Kelley Whitney

Perfection does not exist. It is one of those phrases you hear when someone is trying to self-motivate yet remain realistic in a personal context, but the words have significant meaning for those in the workplace as well. 
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7 Tips for Conducting Better SME Interviews

By Michele Medved

As the summer draws to a close, I am coaching my daughter on language comprehension skills. She does great on the topics that interest her, but when it comes to the dry, scientific topics, she is not interested and gets lower scores.
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Be Hands-On With Your Handbooks

By Jon Hyman

As we approach the end of the calendar year, I start to think about all of the things I have accomplished, or, more to the point, have not yet accomplished. It allows me take stock of where I am, both professionally and personally, and set goals for the upcoming year.
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The Problem with Learning Management Systems

By Marc Rosenberg

First I hated instructional objectives, and then I hated ADDIE. Now I hate learning management systems. Full disclosure, I had a teeny, tiny part in hastening their creation. Twenty years ago, I worked for a VBG (Very Big Company).
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