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March 2016


Dear Readers,


The goal of HR management is attracting and retaining the best employees. 


In this issue, we look at several key issues impacting job satisfaction:  work environment, salaries, training methodologies, and professional development.


Compensation is always at the top of everyone’s list (even though research shows it is really not the number one driver of retention).  Training Magazine’s annual salary survey is a respected and insightful reference.  But money isn’t everything.  Much of what makes a job satisfying is tied to recognition, personal development opportunities, and the work environment itself.  Utilizing good office design principles is smart for business. But remember, even without a complete remodel, small changes to your work environment can result in a measurable boost in productivity (remember the Hawthorne Effect?)


Another important factor in long-term human resource management:  tapping into the talent of the entire employee pool.  That’s why cultivating female leaders is essential to future success.  How’s your organization doing on that task?  Read on…


                                                  WorkforceXpert Editorial Team

Are You Developing Female Leaders?

By Bravetta Hassell

You should be. Creating a pipeline of gender-diverse leaders can be critical to organizational performance. Research shows that organizations with high levels of gender diversity are more likely to exceed financial performance averages in their respective industries – among other benefits.  

Invest in a Productive, Modern Office

By Lauren Dixon

Learn the 10 design principles that are essential to a good office environment – because the beauty of an office space also contributes to its functionality.  These principles, as well as others, play a significant role in enhancing employee productivity and performance.

Tips for Increasing Engagement in Online Learning

By David James

Two-thirds of millennials believe they can learn anything from YouTube.  How do you make your online training program engaging and accessible?  Learn practical tips based on learner preferences – team sharing, mobile, experiential, etc.

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How Does Your Salary Stack Up?

By Training Magazine Editorial Team

Review the latest salary survey results from Training Magazine. Compare how your organization is keeping pace with the industry in pay, bonuses, and other compensation
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Prevent Exit Interviews With Stay Interviews

By Sharlyn Lauby

Structured interviews with current employees (“Stay Interviews”) will give you valuable information to engage and retain employees for the long term. Research shows that 40% of employees who leave their job do so within the first six months. Learn how to improve your retention and business culture using “Stay Interviews”. 
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