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April 2016


Dear Readers,


Workplace culture.  What is it?  And how do we shape it to maximize performance?

“Culture” itself is an interesting word.  Its root is agrarian (as in “agriculture” or “cultivation”) – to till the earth, inhabit, and to care for -- even worship it (as in “cult”).  In a modern business context, culture reflects the attitudes, actions, and things we care about in our work environment.  It is also what shapes our output -- the fruits of our labor (in line with the agricultural root of the word).  

So, what does your business care about in your work environment? How is your culture shaping employee performance?  In this month’s issue, we look at many of the components that will help you strengthen your work culture. Beyond the superficial elements of business culture (like how employees dress), we will look at proper employee recognition for a job well done, wellness programs, and ways for management to lead with humility while maximizing performance.  Read on...


                                                  WorkforceXpert Editorial Team

10 Steps to Building a Learning Culture

By Marc Rosenberg

To ensure your investment in learning is paying off, you need to create an atmosphere of value, support, and appreciation.  Discover the 10 practical steps to establishing a learning culture.  

When Employee Recognition Goes Wrong

By Sarah Fister Gale

81 percent of companies offer some form of formal recognition program.  But are they working?  Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and implement successful employee recognition initiatives.

Stop Pretending to Be an Expert All the Time

By Erika Andersen

Are leaders always experts? Are experts the best leaders? Learn how accepting you may be ‘bad’ at something could actually make it easier for you to learn and grow.

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How HR & Marketing Can Build a Better Brand Together

By Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP

Marketing may develop and communicate the corporate brand promise – but it requires the actions of employees to fulfill that promise.  See how to align your organizational culture to your brand.  
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How to Create a Workplace Culture of Wellness

By Victor Tringali

Want to capitalize on the benefits of a worksite wellness program?  Conducting a comprehensive health audit is a great place to start. Get critical answers to your organization’s commitment to wellness before you move forward. 
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