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June 2016


Dear Readers,


Profiling. Stereotyping. Generalizations. Dangerous or valuable tools for understanding people?


All three come into play when creating learner personas – increasingly used to better understand what learners really need.  While there can be a danger in assuming all learners have specific traits or oversimplifying identities, the persona can actually be very useful in providing focus. By keeping in mind a persona, the trainer is more likely to utilize the best techniques to maximize engagement and retention.  


In this issue we’ve also provided two practical articles on women in the workplace.  Specifically, seven great tips on how to recruit them. Also, building on Facebook CEO, Sheryl Sandberg’s best-selling book, “Lean In”, Margery Weinstein provides insights on how to nurture women in the workplace. She also provides six quick tips to get started. Read on… 


                                                  WorkforceXpert Editorial Team

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Agile Learning Personas for Instructional Design

By Megan Torrance

Learner personas aren’t just valuable for instructional designers. They’re useful touchstones for all stakeholders. Best of all, millions of learners benefit from the well-designed training that learner personas make possible.

7 Tips for Recruiting Women

By Allison O'Kelly
Research shows that companies with a higher percentage of women in top management positions have increased growth in stock prices and larger returns on equity. However, finding women for leadership roles is difficult. Read these practical ideas for attracting more women and improving diversity.

Taking a Head, Hands, Heart Approach to Recognition

By Jonathan McClellan

One-off recognition programs are doomed to change a work culture long-term. Discover the steps to using recognition to create a positive cultural shift. Learn how to implement an approach that encompasses thinking, doing and feeling.  
Read More

Beyond Lean In

By Margery Weinstein

Women may need to “lean in,” as Sheryl Sandberg famously advises in her book by that title, but companies also need to meet women halfway. Some experts and corporations are taking a proactive approach to spurring more women to the top.
Read More

A Highly Engaged Workplace Culture: Essential Elements

By Sharlyn Lauby

While five major areas make up a company culture (relationships, leadership, compensation, work, and learning), Kronos has created a “periodic table” of these elements. Discover how the right combination can produce a winning culture for your business. 
Read More
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