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July 2016


Dear Readers,


“Indeed research shows that 65% of new hires are already back on their site looking for new jobs 91 days after being hired” – Employee Benefit News


Proper recruitment, on-boarding, office politics, and culture are all critical success factors to employee retention.


This alarming statistic from the online job board, Indeed underscores the urgency to address these topics. 


In this month’s issue, we provide you with important resources to help align your culture with your business strategy. That includes showing you how to capitalize on the power of inclusion – and use smart communication strategies in your rewards and recognition programs. Employee engagement and retention can also benefit from the use of learning tools such as gamification.  Learn how to avoid the rookie mistakes that can derail your efforts.


On a personal level, we all need to cope with the unavoidable office politics that exist -- fed by stress and competition. Understanding the realities and types of personalities involved will give you a fighting chance of survival. Read on… 


                                                  WorkforceXpert Editorial Team


Office Politics: 5 Ways to Survive the Shark-Infested Waters

By Greg Wallace

Are you equipped to navigate office politics? Cultivating this skill is often the difference between getting ahead and being left behind. Discover the five types of office “sharks” ready to sink your prospects – and how to survive swimming with them.

3 Steps to Align Culture with Business Strategy

By Lauren Dixon
CulturePath from Deloitte provides a new way to define and measure the desired behaviors that align a business culture and its strategy. Understand the basic tenets of their 72 data-points system. Discover how you can take steps now to ensure your culture is not holding you back from achieving your business objectives.

Learning Plays a Pivotal Role in Diversity and Inclusion

By Josh Bersin

Research shows that, “a highly inclusive environment generated significantly higher cash flow, profitability, and employee retention…” Discover how learning and development professionals can implement practices to realize these benefits.  
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The 3 Mistakes Every First-Timer Makes with Gamification Design

By Monica Cornetti

To utilize tools like gamification successfully, it helps to avoid the common pitfalls.  Save yourself time and aggravation by learning from these rookie mistakes.  Develop effective gamification tools that provide learners with a true sense of accomplishment, purpose, and useful skills.
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Spread the Word:  Smart Communication Strategies for Recognition & Rewards Programs

By Joe Bush

The human impact of employee rewards (of any size) is greatly diminished if the achievement and recognition is poorly communicated.  Thankfully, there are practical dos and don’ts – as well as tools – to ensure your investment in incentives keeps employees excited and engaged. 
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