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August 2016


Dear Readers,


‘Tis the season…for budgeting. With budgeting comes strategic planning. This time of year challenges us to look up from our day-to-day challenges to ask:  Where are we going? What’s trending? What technology or tools could we utilize to accelerate our progress in the year ahead?


This month’s issue offers a variety of insights that could prove to be opportunities for your organization. 


One such tool is the Agile/Scrum.  A successful software development process, it is being adapted in other project development situations – and in eLearning applications.  The basic idea of “scrum” is structured collaboration among self-managed teams working toward a common goal. The project timeline is divided into one or two week “sprints”.  Throughout the process, assumptions are challenged and teams are given the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and priorities. 


Originally created to draw introverted IT developers into face-to-face communication, it is now used successfully in many work situations. In this busy world, it's easy for us to forget the value of lifting our gaze to engage with the world and people around us. Read on… 


                                                  WorkforceXpert Editorial Team


9 Ways To Use Social Networks In eLearning

By Lily Wilson

The best eLearning applications use technical, user-friendly and intuitive teaching methods. Can social media leverage your efforts? Learn which social networks could make your eLearning more accessible and learner-friendly.

What Agile/Scrum Can Teach Learning

By Michael Echols
Challenged to complete a complex project or implement organizational change?  The Agile/Scrum development process can help you reach a better outcome. The modular nature of the process allows goals to be adjusted based on on-going feedback and new information.

Fitness Monitors Threaten to Oversaturate the Health Data Market

By Cort Olsen

Employee wellness programs often encourage and reward employees for using apps and gadgets that monitor steps and vital signs. But what about other aspects of wellness – such as mental, social, and financial wellness? Find the right balance.  
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Will the Nanodegree Replace the Bachelor's?

By Pamela Hogle

More and more employees are seeking to certify that they possess specific skills by obtaining “alternative credentials”.  Known as microcredentials, nanodegrees, certificates, Open Badges, etc. Fad or wave-of-the-future?
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Are Companies Obligated to Write Reference Letters?

By Sharlyn Lauby

Jonathan Segal, a partner with the law firm Duane Morris LLP answers a common – but difficult – question:  “If an employee’s current manager refuses to provide a letter of reference, even if employee is in good standing, is that an EEOC violation?” 
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