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September 2016


Dear Readers,


Another major data breach. Another hacking scandal. We’ve become almost immune to the headlines. But sensitive data – such as your customer’s personal identity information, employee records and company trade secrets – are at risk. Is your business ready? Are your important data assets adequately protected?


Not your job? Might be time to think again.


To successfully combat this threat, cybersecurity needs to be a top priority for all employees. Attacks can cripple a business. They can range from malicious insiders stealing information to outside threats such as DDoS (distributed denial of service attacks) shutting down your systems. They may take the form of pesky malware to APTs (advanced persistent threats) that break into networks in phases to avoid detection – only to capture and exploit the data captured. And experts remind us that the methods of attack keep evolving.


Regardless of your business role, you can help to minimize these risks – to protect your company -- and yourself.  Read on… 


                                                  WorkforceXpert Editorial Team


Is Cybersecurity the Next Compliance?

By Neil Lasher

Sometimes to defeat your enemy, you need to think like your enemy. You have sensitive business data to protect. Where is you vulnerable? Discover practical ways to avoid becoming a cybersecurity victim.

The Cheapest Way to Fill the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

By Meredith Quinn
The need to fill cybersecurity positions has become urgent. Tap into a solution right in-house. Learn how to capitalize on existing technical expertise to redeploy their talents in your cybersecurity efforts.

Is Your Cybersecurity Team Complete?

By Lauren Dixon

With cybersecurity a growing threat, many new job roles are being created to combat these issues. Executives should learn more about these roles to ensure their companies are protected.  
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HR Heads to the Front Line as Cybercrime Combatants

By Paul King

Unfortunately, many HR pros still view themselves in a traditional role, leaving cyber risk management to other departments. Learn how HR can make a difference.
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3 Steps for Training Tech-Inexperienced Employees

By Thomas Buckley

New technology and company-specific software training is essential in on-boarding.  Learn the keys to rapid knowledge transfer to ensure they adapt quickly so they can become productive team members. 
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