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October 2016


Dear Readers,


We’re all looking for ways to improve ourselves and our employees. 


One area that is almost universally a challenge for all of us is public speaking. A loss of words. Shrinking self-confidence. Flat out fear get in the way. But Ken Blanchard gives us hope. Following a simple formula, he maintains that anyone can be a good speaker– a valuable skill no matter where you are in the organization.


Self-development and training can also be greatly enriched with mentorships.  And as online and digital technology have advanced, mentorship program management has become easier.  Organizations have new tools for tracking progress, making participation more fun, and driving positive outcomes.  Learn how companies are leveraging these valuable tools for employee development.


But we can’t be all-work-and-no-play.  Work-life balance is critical to employee job satisfaction.  Does a four-day-week fit into that plan for your company?  Read on… 


                                                  WorkforceXpert Editorial Team


Public Speaking? Yes, You Can

By Ken Blanchard

Anyone can learn to become a good speaker. To do so, change your belief system, body language and routine. 

Ten Tips for Hiring a Stellar eLearning Freelancer

By David Wood
Use these 10 tips to find the best eLearning freelancers for your next learning project. But remember, this is just the start of the process. Think about onboarding freelancers in the way you would onboard any full-time employee.

Would a Four-Day Work Week Be More Productive?

By Wendy Webb

Evidence suggests workers are more focused and productive when given the prospect of an extra day off. Does this mean the four-day work week is a realistic practice? 
Read more

Mentoring in the Digital Age

By Margery Weinstein

Mentoring—a seasoned expert guiding a newbie—is the oldest form of training. But some companies are finding ways to take mentoring to the next level with digital and online technology.
Read more

A Way for Workers to Trade In Unused Vacation

By Anders Melin & Ben Steverman

Employees accumulating huge amounts of paid leave can create problems for themselves and their employers. A new PTO Exchange offers a creative alternative to convert untapped vacation time into new benefits. 
Read more
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