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January 2017


Dear Readers,


To quote the newest Nobel laureate, Bob Dylan: “…times, they are a changing.” 


Algorithms. Artificial intelligence (AI). Content aggregation. Crowd-sourced training. These are just a few of the many emerging trends poised to disrupt and transform the workplace. Becoming a data-centric organization will be essential to keep pace with the changes. Digital information will feed algorithms to assess the effectiveness of training and propose new offerings – much as you receive on a visit to Amazon or Netflix.  AI will curate content that is more relevant and more tightly targeted to employee needs. And much more.


According to the latest Training Industry Survey, U.S. businesses spend $70.65 billion on employee training and development annually.  With that much money being spent, it’s fair to ask: are employees really learning? And where should you allocate your budget in the future?


Many of the disruptive trends will require additional investment.  However, the ability to tap into rich data will also help evaluate the effectiveness of every dollar spent.  That should lead to less waste and improve efficiencies.  It’s a brave new world.  Read on…


                                                  WorkforceXpert Editorial Team


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