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July 2017

Yale Dean Just Lost Her Job For Rude Yelp Reviews
by Suzanne Lucas

June Y. Chu, the Dean of Pierson College, one of Yale's residential colleges, was placed on leave a month ago after her rude and inappropriate Yelp reviews came to light. Yale announced that she has permanently left the position. Chu officially resigned, but this resignation undoubtedly wouldn't have happened had she not written the offensive Yelp Reviews. Chu's problems began when the Yale News published screenshots of her Yelp reviews. Chu wrote, among other things, these things:... Read More...

How To Answer 'May We Contact Your Current Employer?'
by Liz Ryan

Dear Liz, I just got a call from a company I interviewed with three weeks ago. I thought it was a good interview, and I guess they thought so too. Now the company's HR Manager is telling me they want to go ahead with an offer - but... Read More...

Don't Give Away Your Salary Details -- Do This, Instead
by Liz Ryan

If you want to step into the new-millennium workplace and into your own power, you have to learn to set boundaries. Most of us have been trained so thoroughly to respect authority figures that we cave right away whenever we are asked to do something on the job search trail. We might not want to do whatever we've been asked to do, but we say "Oh well, I guess I have to do it anyway -- I need a job." We forget to... Read More...

Discrimination Claims On Glassdoor Result In Firing, EEOC Lawsuit
by Allen Smith

The federal government is suing a company that fired a worker after he accused his employer of discrimination in a review on the question of when discharge for online remarks constitutes unlawful retaliation, which is the leading type of claim filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Employers "need to be very thoughtful" when responding to employee digital conduct to avoid charges of retaliation, said... Read More...

3 'Harmless' Job Interview Questions That Always Land HR In Big Legal Trouble
by Jared Bilski

HR pros probably go out of their way to avoid asking obvious questions about race, age, gender and disability during job interviews. But it's often the "innocent" queries that stray into off-limit topics and wind up coming back to haunt employers. Here are three "harmless" interview questions to tell managers to avoid, courtesy of the Ogletree Deakins law firm:... Read More...


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