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May 2017

No -- I Won't Help You Get Hired At My Company
by Liz Ryan

Dear Liz, I have a small group of good friends I hang out with a lot, and they each have their own friends so I see a lot of people socially on a regular basis. I work for a company with a good reputation, but the company only has sixty employees. At least twenty of my acquaintances have asked me "Can you get me a job at your company?" They ask me to... Read More...

Facebook Photos Showed FMLA Abuse, So Why Won't Court Dismiss Case?
by Jared Bilski

If an employee is supposed to be on FMLA because a medical condition prevents him for handling the day-to-day tasks of his job, you'd think a couple of photos of him frolicking about on a Caribbean island during his leave would be enough to prove he was abusing his FMLA leave. And it probably could've been. The case we're referring to is... Read More...

EEOC Outlines 4 New Approaches To Fight Workplace Harassment
by Tim Gould

Workplace harassment is virtually an epidemic these days - the EEOC says a third of the nearly 100,000 charges it receives annually now include a harassment allegation. But the agency's taking steps to help both workers and managers handle the problem. Part of the problem is... Read More...

Reviewing Employee E-Mails: When You Should, When You Shouldn't
by Lisa Frye

You suspect an employee has been using his personal e-mail account on a company laptop to run his own business on company time. Is the company within its rights to review e-mails sent or received from that account because the worker is using the organization's equipment? Or would the employer be violating privacy laws? Those are tricky questions... Read More...

Mental Health Takes On New Meaning For Millennials At Work
by Rita Pyrillis

Charles Lattarulo joined American Express to lead its behavioral health program five years ago, employees seeking mental wellness services were typically referred to a phone-in employee assistance program that few people utilized. With more and more young employees joining the workforce, he realized that... Read More...

No Hugs Allowed?
by Carol Patton

Hugging employees is prohibited in the workplace. This may become a new company policy, considering a recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals -- in Zetwick v. the County of Yolo (Calif.) -- that reversed the grant of summary judgment in favor of the defendants and remanded the case for trial next year. The plaintiff in this case... Read More...


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